Ali Akbar is from Patiala in Punjab. He belongs to Gwalior Gharana and thus is a wonderful classical singer. For him, classical knowledge of music is just as one who knows classical music can sing any kind of song. Ali teaches in the music department of Patiala University. He teaches the students, instruments like Rhubarb, which was also played by the Guru Nanak. Ali has always been in the environment of music. He has been learning and playing since he was in school. Ali had started learning from his grandfather who was also his inspiration. For him, folk music is the foundation of local regional music. It will always be alive because it is root but people will forget since new instruments and pop genres are added. He has performed in various places in Punjab and at times at international venues also. For Ali living with music is bliss and the same is food for the soul. With the grace of the god, his bread is earned by the musical knowledge that he has.

Ali Akbar and his group have the very talented members. They are very happy as a group and for them as far as they have music in their lives they don’t need anything else. The group has dance members who give a beautiful coordinated performance with the traditional songs sung by the group. Their every performance leaves everyone mesmerized whenever they perform. The group has wonderful versatile members for whom music is passion and they shall follow it to their grave. The group has been performing for a long time together now. They are extra ordinary artists who put in efforts at every performance like it is their last. They have performed almost everywhere in their region but together as a group they had never represented their tradition and culture on the national or international platform. They all wish to travel the globe and spread the message that their beautiful heritage songs have to give. They are very happy as a group and for them as far as they have music in their lives they don’t need anything else. 





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